“an astonishingly powerful voice and a strong stage presence”

For Summer Nights in Space at VAULT Festival, February 2017:

Palladino’s Alien is amusing; although a clueless killer, she interacts with Spartan without endearment yet manages to charm both him and the audience.

Madhia Hussain, LiveTheatre.co.uk

Though only wearing relatively simple “alien” makeup, I found the traits and little touches she gave to her character incredibly engaging. More than once I caught myself watching the little movements of Palladino’s character rather than listening to the belting musical numbers…

Vijay Varman, VijayVarman.com

Candice Palladino’s performance as the alien is a nuanced one, and her physicality has clearly been thought about and is well-maintained, as she contorts herself into crouching positions and snarls frequently at the audience. Her voice is pretty powerful, too…

Daniella Ann, TheMortalFool.Wordpress.com

Candice Palladino is delightful as the space alien, moving in a predatory crouch, smiling threateningly, accompanied by the occasional hiss.

Carolin Kopplin, UKTheatre.net

Palladino has an astonishingly powerful voice and a strong stage presence…

Laura Kressly, ThePlaystheThingUK.com

Candice Palladino, playing the alien, has a beautiful singing voice…

Eva de Valk, Everything-Theatre.co.uk

Candice Palladino…had an exceptional voice…

Shanine Salmon, ViewfromtheCheapSeat.com

Candice is a accomplished actress who’s character, in this play, varies between flesh eating alien and the love interest. It is a pity that her delightful face is covered in thick green monster make up.

Graham Archer, WestEndWilma.com

…it remains an extremely enjoyable piece, anchored by the high energy performances of leads Morgan and Palladino, whose uneasy alliance is a constant source of amusement…

Bakchormeeboy, Bakchormeeboy.com