“…she was so funny”

For her role as Dixie Lee in the feature film The Great Charade,  2019

Daniel Strange: We didn’t think the film could be as dark as they made it, but we also didn’t think it could be as funny as they made it, as well…

Rodeo Strange: …in particular, Candice Palladino, who played one of the antagonists. She has a real, kind of knack for comedic timing. And, it just…it was hilarious. We were just in hysterics on set.

Daniel Strange: Four o’clock in the morning and we could not stop laughing at this one line. And it’s literally about two or three seconds of the film and it took us over an hour and a half to shoot that one little bit because she was so funny.

Daniel and Rodeo Strange, directors & producers of The Great Charade, as heard on BBC Radio Oxford with Kat Olman