When we first met Candice, just watching her audition reel, we could see that she had something special. She brings so much energy and emotion into every role she performs. She is able to capture a character beautifully, not only through movement and body language, but also with such subtlety, you can see the character coming to life in her eyes. She is an absolute joy to work with, and a pleasure to have on set. We can advise you with complete sincerity; snap her up quick – she’ll be in Hollywood before you know it.

Rodex LTD., for the short films Silence in the Birdcage and The White Room

For Slay It With Music at The Space, 2011:

Candice Palladino as the avid tour guide is most competent throughout and delivers a truly show stopping solo “More Than Just a Movie Fan” with true pluck and pizzazz.

Joe Crystal, fringereview.co.uk

…Palladino gave [a] solid performance.

Matthew Partridgeremotegoat.co.uk

…there are some interesting secondary performances from Candice Palladino as Marcy’s adoring number one fan Rosemarie…

Paul Valethestage.co.uk

Candice Palladino…as the tour guide…shone in [her] role.

Stephen V., QX magazine

…the excellent Candice Palladino…as the pregnant Carrie leaves one of the greatest impressions in a key scene as she decides to deal with her pregnancy. With the audience noticeably fidgeting in their seats and giving an ear-piercing scream, Palladino cements her spot as the person the audience is most likely to talk about when the lights come up.

Bryan Stryker, stagebuzz.com, for Everybody Dies at the Planet Connections Theater Festival, 2009