Best Supporting Actress – Festigious Film Festival (The Great Charade)
Best Supporting Actress – FilmCon Film Festival (The Great Charade)
Best Monologue – Actors Awards (The Great Charade)
Best Actress – Actors Awards (The Getaway)


Best Supporting Actress – Actors Awards (The Great Charade)
Best Supporting Actress – Oniros Film Awards (The Great Charade)
Best Performance of the Fest – Actors Awards (The Getaway)
Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role – Planet Connections Theater Festival
(Everybody Dies)

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After Dark (Post-Prod) Lauren, Ace Entertainment/Dark Temple Motion Pictures
The Great Charade (2019) Dixie Lee, Rodeax Ltd. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


Serenity (2019 Workshop) Jennifer Bukowski, Stanley Road Productions

Short Film

A Spiritual Experience (Post-Prod) Nicole, Alexis Kirke
Eat My Life
 (Post-Prod) Jolanda, Thatmoose Pictures
Tag (2018) Jenna, Thatmoose Pictures
Werewolflure (2018) Hayley, Thatmoose Pictures
Dirt (2018) Mary, Beaumont Productions
Astrosapiens (2017), Aurora Parker, David Toms Films
Bloodchild (2017) Lucy, Rodeax Ltd.
Silence in the Birdcage (2016) Woman, Rodeax Ltd.
EMU (2016) Programmer, Apple Park Films
The White Room (2015) Jane Greene,  Rodeax Ltd.

Film School

Locked Out (2018) Julia, Bauhaus-Universität/UCA
The Getaway (2017) Ashley, Shervin Shirazian, Nicholas Cooke, Stacey Johnson, University of Bolton ★  


Sundown Town (2018) Camille De Rose, Tristan Bates Theatre (Benjamin Mowbray)
Summer Nights in Space (2017) Alien, , Hannah Elsy Productions (Sinead O’Callaghan)
Clinton the Musical (2012) Dick Morris, Egdoh Theater (Ken Alexander)
Slay It With Music (2011) Rosemarie Clinger, A Stage Kindly (Joseph C. Walsh)
Hamlet Smith (2011) Amelia, Liminal Space Productions (Prav MJ)
Little Johnny’s Big Gay Wedding (2010) Waiter, National Theatre of Scotland/Random Accomplice (Julie Brown)
Everybody Dies (2009) Carrie, Edible Brains Productions (Russel Dobular)
Flyer (2009) Lulu, AngelWing Music (Carl Anthony Tramon)
Hamlet (2007) Ophelia, TSI Playtime Series (Sylvia Mincewicz)
Alice Squared (2006) Alice, Theatre Ink Productions (Cori Silberman)
Trailer Park Broadcasting Scandals (2005) Pauline Felts,  (Marie Strinden)

Web Series

4 Fit Girls (2016) Lila, Fish Overboard Pictures

Rehearsed Reading

Tom and Jerry vs. Fred Quimby (2019) Various Voices/Stage Directions, Ambassador Theatre Group (Melisa Annis)
Sweet Jane (2014) Jane, Molly Rydzel (Molly Rydzel)
Everybody Dies (2014) Carrie, Molly Rydzel (Krysta Hibbard)
Plagued (2009) Mob 6, Nick Moore & Daniel John Kelley


Daisy May is Breaking In (2018) Daisy May, The Actors Centre (Sinead O’Callaghan)
The Paralegal (2016) Actor/Deviser, Pin the Tale (Ragga Dahl Johansen)


Commercials (USA & Canada)

TRESemme Hair Care – Various (2017-2019) Mullenlowe & Matinée Multilingual
Wonderbly – Personalized Books (2017) 1st Ave Machine

Dubbing (English-American)

Tini: The Movie (New Life of Violetta) (2016) Melanie, Walt Disney Pictures



In development – DAISY MAY

We met Daisy a bit later in life and who doesn’t love this kooky, charming, and naturaly-gifted woman? I mean, it takes a lot to sing to those inmates on death row  whilst emitting joy from every orifice, especially when other things are being emitted right back at ya. Warden promises they’ll be better behaved next time, so your mouth to God’s ears. Right, Mama?

But, what sort of woman chooses this career path? I mean, is it all really just an act?

Here we shed some proverbial light on our friend to see where she comes from and get some answers to the question on everyone’s minds: What the f*ck is wrong with you?!

Buckle up, kids, it’s bound to be a bumpy, f*cked up ride!

Curious about Daisy and want to hear more? Contact Candice.


In development – SHAREN LORENZO

We may not have seen Sharen for awhile, but this girl is coming out of retirement. Gone are the days of being “The New York Beaches Seven Year Old Hot Dog Eating Competition Winner” (yup it’s a mouthful for us, too)! Now, it’s time for a different kind of spotlight. The spotlight of: talk! That’s right, thanks to Bob, one of the best (at least he thinks he is) TV producers in the five boroughs, it’s time for YOU to join the audience of Sharen’s test shoot before it becomes the hottest ticket in town. What’s she gonna say? What’s she gonna do? But, more importantly, what’s she gonna eat? Just kidding, she doesn’t do that anymore… Or does she?

Curious about Sharen and want to hear more? Contact Candice.

Daisy May is Breaking In (2018) The Actors Centre (Sinead O’Callaghan)



The Great Charade (2019) Associate Producer, Rodeax Ltd.


Daisy May is Breaking In (2018) Producer, The Actors Centre (Sinead O’Callaghan)